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Congratulations to Sera from Ozark, MO. Sera was the lucky winner of the 2014 Chevy Cruze. Her maturity in signing the Make It Easy Autos No Texting and Driving Pledge has made it easy to give her a new car. 

We will give another car away this year to a student who pledges to not text and drive. Please keep with your current pledge and maybe this year, you too can win a new car!!

Thanks for a great year!



Click here to get the SafeCell 360 code for your school. SafeCell 360 is free to your kid with this code.

We want to thank these great companies for their support with our 2013/2014 No Texting and Driving Pledge Car Giveaway:
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Students Win A Car!!

When you take the No Texting and Driving Pledge you will be entered to win this 2014 Chevy Cruze (see rules and regulations)


Make It Easy Autos set out to make auto shopping easier. Most customers agree that we have done that. Now we are taking on the dangerous world of texting while driving. If we can eliminate texting and driving among the high school students in Southwest Mis

souri and Northwest Arkansas… then we have really done something great.
Please take the pledge below and do your part to make the world a safer place.

Missouri Highway Patrol Continues Distracted Driving Message

The anti-texting while driving campaign is intended to encourage Missouri’s motorists to put down their phones and prevent traffic crashes from the dangerous distraction of texting while driving.

“Inattention is a leading cause of traffic crashes,” said Colonel Replogle. “If you’re focused on sending a text message, then you aren’t paying attention to your driving. Cell phone usage — particularly texting while driving can lead to tragic consequences. These consequences are easily preventable if drivers would simply put down their phones and focus on the road.”

Col. Replogle added that the campaign complements Missouri’s current anti-texting law, which prohibits use of texting devices for drivers 21 years of age and younger. He called on all Missouri drivers to honor the letter and the spirit of the law–regardless of age–and stop texting while driving to help make Missouri’s highways safer for all motorists. Missouri is one of 38 states in the nation to enact some type of anti-texting legislation.

In 2012, cell phone usage while driving contributed to more than 1,423 traffic crashes in Missouri. Those crashes can be broken down into 965 property damage only, 445 injury, and 13 fatal crashes involving cell phone use while driving. Additionally, in this same time period, there were 262 crashes where texting while driving was cited as a contributing cause, and those crashes can be broken down into 178 property damage only, 82 injury and two fatal.

Take The No Texting & Driving Pledge

    I pledge to not text or use my phone while I am driving. If I need to use my phone, I will pull over to a secure location. I also pledge to encourage others to drive safely and distraction free.




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